IMPRS officials

IMPRS-HD officials:

Below you find the four officials of IMPRS-HD.

The two spokespersons, Prof. Hans-Walter Rix for the Max Planck Institutes and Prof. Saskia Hekker for the Zentrum for Astronomie at Heidelberg University
incl. the HITS, represent the IMPRS-HD towards the outside world. They sign essential documents and coordinate the IMPRS within their institutions.

Hans-Walter RixSpokesperson Max Planck Institutesrix @
Hans-Walter Rix
Spokesperson Max Planck Institutes
rix @
Saskia HekkerSpokesperson university institutessaskia.hekker @
Saskia Hekker
Spokesperson university institutes
saskia.hekker @

The IMPRS coordinator, Prof. Christian Fendt, is responsible for the daily operation of the IMPRS, including the IMPRS seminars and retreats, the summer schools, the application and selection procedures, the elections of student representatives, the IMPRS social events, and the overall IMPRS budget. He is also the contact person for all IMPRS students in case of questions regarding the university procedures. Also, when any problems arise during the PhD research, Christian should be contacted.

The coordinator is supported by the IMPRS assistant, Nina Zhao, who helps coordinating the School by providing administrative support. Nina coordinates the IMPRS travel reimbursement, the booking for retreat excursions, the logistics for the IMPRS interviews, and further book keeping. She is typically approached when students hand in their travel documents or paperwork for the IMPRS certificate.

Christian FendtCoordinating scientistimprs-hd @
Christian Fendt
Coordinating scientist
imprs-hd @
Nina ZhaoIMPRS assistantimprs-hd @
Nina Zhao
IMPRS assistant
imprs-hd @
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