Mentorship program

IMPRS mentorship program


Motivated by our past workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship, co-organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Heidelberg University, and under the umbrella of the EU Horizon 2020 program on "Skilled, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Scientists" (SKIES), we want to bring together alumni of IMPRS and MPIA and current IMPRS fellows.
The overall aim is to soundboard with Astronomy PhDs about a life in a non-academic environment.

As a mentor you have the chance to engage with someone who has had an entirely different background, which can be immensely rewarding for both of you; you may expand your network with highly skilled people: PhDs, post docs and other mentors; you do good by sharing your knowledge and expertise and “lessons of life”; and you provide a different perspective about (your) business and business principles.

As a mentee, you will develop new skills outside the scientific area that could prove useful for the future; you may learn about entrepreneurial thinking and innovation; you may reflect with (industry) experts about your skills and their applicability in different sectors; you will learn what the non-academic world has to offer; you may embrace the opportunity to request for specific (networking) expertise; you expand your network across sectors; you will get career advice and learn about the benefits the (local) eco system can bring you.

The following alumni from IMPRS/MPIA (in alphabetic order) have agreed to offer advice to current/former IMPRS fellows when approached. So far we have hidden the email contact, instead we provide public links such as to LinkedIn.

    Jutta Huebner           PhD 2009

PhD alumnus / MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Jutta works for a large space agency,  her expertise is  ** project management  **  mission operations, spacecraft maintenance  **  education and outreach  **   innovation and strategy  **  teamwork  **   (  Xing  )

    Sebastian Jester       PhD 2001

PhD alumnus / MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Sebastian is based in the Bonn/Cologne area, his expertise is  ** Science Management  **  Public policy  **  EU Careers  **  (   LinkedIn  )

    Johannes King            PhD 2018

PhD alumnus / IMPRS / MPIK  ( thesis pdf )

Johannes is based in the Heidelberg area and is expert on  ** Entrepreneurship ** Data Science ** Product management **  ( LinkedIn  )

    Julian Merten            PhD 2010

PhD alumnus / IMPRS / ITA  ( thesis pdf )

Julian works for a big car manufacturer in Germany. His competences are  **   Machine Learning  **  Data Engineering  **  Cloud und DevOps **  ( LinkedIn  )

    Qian Qian                     PhD 2017

PhD alumnus / IMPRS / MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Qian is based in the Heidelberg area, his expertise is on  ** Financial software development  **  Business process  **  Customer engagement  **   (  LinkedIn  )

    Olivera Rakic             PhD 2012

PD alumna / MPIA

Olivera is based in the Utrecht area. Her expertise is on  ** Data science  **  Quantitative investment strategies  **  Institutional investors  **  NLP (natural language processing)  **   (  LinkedIn  )

    Natalie Raettig          PhD 2012

PhD alumna / IMPRS / MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Natalie is based in the Heidelberg/Darmstadt area. Her expertise is  ** Space Sector  **  Service / Project Management  **  Quality Assurance / Testing  **   (  LinkedIn  )

       Paula Sarkis            PhD 2020

PhD alumna / IMPRS/MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Paula works as data scientist in the Karlsruhe area and offers the following expertise:   **  Technical skills: neural network for computer vision applications, databases, machine learning, bayesian statistics   **  Soft skills: project management  **    Advice for career planning as a data scientist:   Acquire a basic understanding of machine learning;  Practice writing clean and reproducible code    **  (  LinkedIn  )

    Johny Setiawan            PhD 2003

PD alumnus / MPIA

Johny is based in the Berlin area. He has worked on many different fields, his expertise is on ** Science beyong astronomy: economy, law, health **  Entrepreneuship **  Diplomatic service: Lead, marketing, personell  **  Languages: tranlation **  (  LinkedIn  )

    Jochen Tackenberg      PhD 2013

PhD alumnus / IMPRS / MPIA   ( thesis.pdf )

Jochen works in the area of Energy Management Systems and is expert in ** Energy industry with focus on renewable energies and power trading  **  Software development  **  Agile practices, Product Ownership  **   (  LinkedIn  )

    Tessel van der Laan       PhD 2012

PhD alumna / IMPRS / MPIA  ( thesis pdf )

Tessel has been working in various research organisations in a managerial position, has lived and worked in Germany, USA and France, is now based in The Netherlands.Her expertise is  **  Academia to business transition  **   Women in tech  **   LGBTI+ friendly  **   Resume & interview advice for non-academic jobs  ** How to network  **   Coaching on career shaping  **  Focus on European playing field (not knowledgeable on non-European fields) **  ( LinkedIn  )

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