Financial Support

PhD fellowships

Together with the offer of a PhD project, financial support is offered. However, it is also possible for a doctoral fellow to bring his/her own funding.

IMPRS applicants holding a MSc degree equivalent will receive a fellowship for a  period of three-four years with a net income of EUR 1500-1800 per month.

The amount of the income may depend on family status, research experience, and funding source. The funding is typically by a employment work contract, but may also be given as a tax-free stipend  (also depending on the funding source). Also the duration of the funding period  of up to 4 years will depend on the funding source. Applicants are encouraged to clarify these issues during the interview.

Note that allocation of a grant for the full period may depend on performance (that will be supervised by the candidate's thesis committee).

The fellowship is usually paid by a funding contract that provides the status of an institute employee and includes social benefits. In exceptional cases, a tax free stipend will be paid (depending on funding source).

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