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At the following link, the HD University has some useful information about regulations for entering and living in Germany.

A general overview about IMPRS and living in Heidelberg is provided by the IMPRS manual produced and updated by the IMPRS students and the coordinator (note that the booklet is an updated but preliminary version of 2018).

A general overview about how to arrive and settle down in Germany is also provided by the broschure How to Germany


Which visa to apply for? Here are some information about the Researchers Directive.

Practical information

General information about living and studying in Heidelberg

This webpage provides links to detailed information for IMPRS students and applicants. Most of the information is already distributed  on the IMPRS webpage, and is summarized here.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome. Please, help to keep this up-to-date.

General issues

On the right coulumn you find some information about what to do before coming to Heidelberg and information about living in Heidelberg/ Germany.
After your arrival in Heidelberg, you have to arrange for the following:
- your working contract
- your bank account
- your accommodation
- your health insurance
- registration at the city authorities
- registration at the Department for Physics and Astronomy (respectively the HGSFP, Heidelberg graduate School for Physics) for PhD studies
- enrollment at Heidelberg University
Accommodation: There are two main options: either you look for a room in a shared flat, which in German is called Wohngemeinschaft (WG), or for a flat of your own, which is usually more expensive.There are also dorms for students in several areas of the city.
1. Apartment search
2. Room search
Health insurance: If you have a contract then you pay automatically part of your health insurance. If you have a stipend you need to get a health insurance by yourself. Here is an illustrated health dictionary (pdf) provided by the DSW (Deutsches Studentenwerk).
Detailed information about the above topics and also about registration at the city authorities, admission, enrollment, etc. can be found under "Academics" and at the IMPRS student internal pages: (please ask IMPRS for the log in details).
After your PhD examination: Here is some information of things to do before and after your PhD examination - kindly provided by Steve Boudreault.
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