Practical information

General information about living and studying in Heidelberg

This webpage provides links to detailed information for IMPRS students and applicants. Most of the information is already distributed  on the IMPRS webpage, and is summarized here.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

1.  General issues

-  A general overview about IMPRS and living in Heidelberg is provided by the IMPRS manual produced and updated by the IMPRS students and the coordinator (note that the booklet is an updated but preliminary version of 2017).
-  A general overview about how to arrive and settle down in Germany is provided by the broschure How to Germany

-  The Graduate Academy of Heidelberg University provides information for (all) international students coming to Heidelberg in German and English. Have a look at  their program.

-  Here are some links offering accomodation (sorry, but some are in German only):

      An overview is presented by our International Office Heide Seifert, see her webpage.

      We list here zwischenmiete and HomeCompany who are dealing with the private market.

      The Studentenwerk is a non-profit organisation linked to the university who also offers rooms/appartments in dormatories.

      A shared appartment is the most common way how students live in Germany, and can be found by that link.

 -  Here is an illustrated health dictionary (pdf) provided by the DSW (Deutsches Studentenwerk).

 -  Here is some information about how to fill the tax report (in order to get back some of the tax you have paid) - mostly provided by former student representative Steve Boudreault

2.  IMPRS- / university-related issues

 -  Here is a link to the Faculty's webpages where you could download the admission forms to register as a PhD student and the Dean's information about general conditions for PhD studies in Physics and Astronomy in Heidelberg.

 -  IMPRS-HD  students should have their first thesis committee (TC) meeting within 2 months after arrival. Here is an info about the TC rules and also a form to be filled out after the first TC meeeting.

 -  Here is link to a webpage of Heidelberg University offering a social program for foreign researchers, called PFIF.

 -  Here is some information of things to do before and after your PhD examination - kindly provided by Steve Boudreault. Please, help to keep this up-to-date.

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