Instrumentation -  potential PhD supervisors of IMPRS Heidelberg

Colleagues with **) will depart/retire soon.

Dr. Wolfgang Brandner (MPIA)
( brandner @ )
Circumstellar disks, brown dwarfs & exoplanets, starburst clusters, adaptive optics
Dr. Markus Feldt (MPIA)
( feldt @ )
Adaptive optics, star formation
Prof. Thomas Henning  (MPIA) **
( henning @ )
Star formation, exoplanets, interstellar medium, laboratory astrophysics
Dr. Tom Herbst (MPIA)
( herbst @ )
Star formation, dark matter, brown dwarfs, galaxy halos, instrumentation
Prof. Jim Hinton (MPIK)
( jim.hinton @
Instrumentation for ground-based gamma-ray astronomy
Dr. Ralf Launhardt (MPIA)
( rl @ )
Low-mass star formation (observations), binary protostars, exoplanet searches, interferometry
Dr. Jörg-Uwe Pott (MPIA)
( jpott @ )
Instrumentation, Active Galactic Nuclei
Prof. Andreas Quirrenbach (LSW)
( a.quirrenbach @ )
Adaptive optics, interferometry, astrometry, extrasolar planets
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