Before leaving Heidelberg

Travel support by IMPRS funding

Travel support application

To get travel support from IMPRS, please fill out and sign our travel support application form, and send it to us ( at least 2 months before your trip.

The supervisor must confirm by signature the relevance of the trip for the thesis research. Travel support can only be granted in cases where the IMPRS rules have been obeyed (thesis committee meetings, curriculum requirements).

Travel support could not be granted for project-related trips itself (group meetings, collaboration meetings, observation runs etc). These trips should be covered by project funding.

IMPRS travel support is meant for career development issues such as schools, conferences, scientific visits.

Note that the travel budget of IMPRS is limited. We may pay up to 2000 Euro per PhD project, IF (!!) not all students request this amount.

IMPRS highly appreciates a cost-share with the supervisor as this demonstrates the relevance of the trip for the PhD project.

Please also consider to apply for travel support from the HGSFP. Their webpage provides a link to a password-protected online application form. This direct link may work as well.

Travel application

When you you for a business trip, you need to fill out the travel application form of your institute. This is because your institue / your employeer has to approve the trip, also because of insurance reasons. Make sure that you hand in this request as soon as possible.

Travel reimbursement (IMPRS)

Reimbursement procedures for travel costs via IMPRS is handled in different manner, depending on the trip and your home institute. In any case, please collect all receipts and invoices.

1) If there is a cost share with your MPIA supervisors, arrange your trip via the cost centre of your supervisor, who will later reimbursed by IMPRS.

2) If there is no such cost share, or you are not MPIA member, we will do a "gross re-imbursement", including all costs you have (till the amount that was granted from IMPRS for your trip), plus some (reduced) per diem for food.

For 2) we need your bank account and other information and we will ask for that. 

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