Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation of IMPRS applications

All applications will be reviewed by the IMPRS Admissions Committee consisting of faculty members of the participating institutes and the representatives of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. The committee will evaluate the applicants considering their academic qualification, as well as the letters of recommendation.

The application material of shortlisted candidates will be made available to all potential supervisors in Heidelberg. When the supervisors point out interest in an applicant, this applicant will be invited for an interview (during a visit in Heidelberg or by phone/skype).

The invitation period for interviews is usualy during February each year  in two slots of our International IMPRS workshop. In addition, we also offer zoom interviews (for example in case of visa issues or extrem distances).

Applicants invited for an interview will receive financial support for travel and accommodation expenses.

We expect to decide about the final evaluation of offers before March. All applicants will be notified. Depending on the fulfilment of certain requirements (e.g. completion of a degree, completion of course credits), admission to IMPRS may be granted conditionally until those requirements are met.

We will continue to interview applicants until all positions are filled (usually until April/May after the deadline).