High energy astrophysics

High Energy Astrophysics - potential PhD supervisors of IMPRS Heidelberg

Colleagues with **) will depart/retire soon.

Prof. Christian Fendt (MPIA)
( fendt @ mpia.de )
Jets, AGN, star formation, MHD, computational astrophysics
Prof. Jochen Heidt (LSW)
( jheidt @ lsw.uni-heidelberg.de )
Host galaxies, cluster environment, variability of BL Lac objects & QSOs
Prof. Jim Hinton (MPIK)
( jim.hinton @ mpi-hd.mpg.de)
Particle physics, gamma-ray astrophysics

Prof. Michela Mapelli (ITA)
( mapelli @ uni-heidelberg.de )

Binary black hole formation, gravitational-wave astrophysics (Virgo, Einstein Telescope), star clusters, binary evolution, computational astrophysics
Dr. Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA)
( pillepich @ mpia-hd.mpg.de )
Cosmological simulations for galaxy formation and evolution, large scale structure, cosmology, cosmology with galaxy clusters
Dr. Brian Reville (MPIK)
( brian.reville @ mpi-hd.mpg.de )
Astrophysical plasma theory; theoretical observational aspects of sources of high energy particles, associated radiative signatures
Prof. Friedrich Roepke (HITS)
( friedrich.roepke @ h-its.org )
Theoretical stellar astrophysics, numerical simulations of physical processes in stars, stellar evolution, supernova explosions, compact astrophysical objects, nucleosynthesis in stars and stellar explosions
Dr. Fabian Schneider (HITS)
( fabian.schneider @ uni-heidelberg.de )
Theoretical stellar astrophysics, single and binary star evolution, stellar mergers, magnetic massive stars, supernova explosions, stellar remnants, stellar populations, massive star formation, IMF, Bayesian statistics
PD Felix Spanier (ITA)
( felix.spanier @ uni-heidelberg.de )
Simulations in high energy astrophysics, AGN, particle transport, plasma turbulence theory
Prof. Stefan Wagner (LSW)
( s.wagner @ lsw.uni-heidelberg.de )
Extragalactic astrophysics, high energy astrophysics