IMPRS retreat seminar

IMPRS retreat seminar 2020 (Online)

This is the webpage for the external IMPRS seminar retreat for the 2nd-year IMPRS students.

After the weekly Thursday seminar during the first year, the IMPRS students in their 2nd-year usually meet at a remote place for 3-4 days to present an update of their thesis project. Due to the pandemic situation, the retreat was held online in Heidelberg in 2020.

Retreat seminar 2020 (Online)

The seminar retreat for the 14th student generation has taken place in Heidelberg as an online Seminar during November 23-25 under the supervison of Paola Pinilla und Tom Herbst.

Have a look at the program.

Invited speakers were Katja Poppenhaeger (AIP Potsdam) and Tessel van der Laan (TNO).

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