Nicholas Storm

Nicholas Storm   (Norway)

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Chemical structure of the Galaxy and sources of s- and r-process elements

While sources of slow-process (s-) elements are understood much better, the main source of rapid-process (r-) has been heavily debated for the past few decades. Thanks to the recent measurements the merger of binary neutron stars is now considered to be the main source of r-process elements. However, to get a more thorough understanding of both processes, it is required to get further insight into the chemical structure of our Galaxy and compare models to observational data. For that I will analyse the new spectra (such as from 4MOST survey) using numerical modeling (using state-of-the-art Non-LTE radiation transfer models) to obtain abundances of the heavy elements and compare them to the galactic chemical evolution (GCE) models.

Supervisor:    Maria Bergemann  (MPIA)

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