Johannes Bennemann

* Johannes Bennemann   (Germany)

johannes.bennemann @

SWGO Trigger Simulation and Optimization

The Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO) will be the first water- Cherenkov gamma-ray instrument in the Southern Hemisphere. It will consist of over 6000 water-Cherenkov detector units at an altitude of at least 4.4 km. An instrument of this size will be subject to constant bombardment with cosmic rays and thus will produce a huge amount of data. This makes a sophisticated trigger strategy necessary to achieve the highest possible sensitivity whilst reducing the readout bandwidth.

In this thesis, a full simulation of the electronics chain and the trigger system will be developed. This framework will then be used to evaluate the impact of different trigger strategies on both the data rate and the data quality. Finally, the optimal trigger strategy as well as the developed electronics and trigger simulation will be added to the official SWGO simulation and analysis framework.

Supervisor:    James Hinton (MPIK)

*) = Quereinsteiger

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