Cormac Larkin

Cormac Larkin   (Ireland)

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Multiwavelength studies of strong stellar winds

Massive stars are cosmic engines, driving metals, ionizing radiation and momentum into their environments through stellar winds. These winds also affect their evolutionary pathways through mass loss and transfer, leading to a diversity of transient events such as Type II supernovae, kilonovae, and most recently gravitational wave sources. Understanding these winds is therefore crucial to investigate the evolution, fate and environmental impact of these stars. In this interdisciplinary project, I work with two research groups specialising in different aspects of stellar wind theory. With Dr. Andreas Sander (ARI) I am working on modelling atmospheres of evolved massive stars to understand the nature of their winds.
With Dr. Brian Reville (MPIK) I use insights from these atmosphere models to study particle acceleration from colliding wind binary systems. In addition, I am the team lead for the M5 collaboration, a member of the XShootU collaboration and also have research interests in physics education.

Supervisor:    Andreas Sander (ARI) / Brian Reville (MPIK)