Veronika Lipatova

Veronika Lipatova   (Ukraine)

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Modeling the formation of the first and second generations of stars in the Universe with A-SLOTH

Population III (PopIII) is a hypothetical existing metal-free stellar population that could have formed at redshifts z=10-30. Population II (PopII) is a metal-poor next generation stellar population already observed by astronomers. Although PopIII stars have not yet been detected, computer simulations allow us to estimate the properties of this type of object and may provide observables for the indirect detection of PopIII stars.
    A-SLOTH (Ancient Stars and Local Observables by Tracing Halos) is a semi-analytical model that traces the formation of PopIII stars and primordial halos, transiting PopIII stars to later stages, and the formation of PopII stars. The model is based on Dark Matter merger trees, which can be generated synthetically according to the Extended Press-Schechter formalism or imported from already created N-Body dark matter simulations. In addition to this framework, A-SLOTH provides an analytical assessment of the behavior of baryonic matter, including the formation of PopIII and PopII stars, radiative, chemical and mechanical feedback from individual stars.
    During my PhD I`m going to work on improving A-SLOTH, finding a best fit, provide tracking of chemical elements, work on prediction of next-generation observables of the early Universe (gravitational wave events).

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