Anna Lena Schaible

Anna Lena Schaible   (Germany)

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A numerical investigation on galactic outflows using galaxy simulations and MUSE and ALMA data

The formation and evolution of galaxies is a complex and multiscale problem, where gas flows play an important role. Cosmological simulations have illustrated that feedback mechanism from stellar winds, radiation fields, supernovae and active galactic nuclei (AGNs) can effectively drive galactic winds. However, the details of the driving mechanisms behind gas in- and outflows are still unclear. Also, many cosmological simulations overlook Cosmic Rays (CRs, feedback from relativistic particles), which are another source of non-thermal feedback.

We use the state-of-the-art cosmological hydrodynamical simulation of Milky Way like galaxies simulations to study the effect of different feedback processes on gas in- and outflows at different gas temperatures to investigate in the underlying mechanisms driving gas flows.

To validate and extend our findings, we study the edge-on spiral galaxies from the GECKOS (Generalising Edge-on galaxies and their Chemical bimodalities, Kinematics, and Outflows out to Solar environments) survey, a large MUSE program recently granted. We plan to use simulation-based inference to test the different feedback processes in our simulations on the observational data.

Supervisor:    Tobias Buck  (ITA/IWR)