IMPRS seminar

IMPRS seminar summer term 2018

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS fellows in order to exchange ideas and experience from different research areas. 

In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a literature seminar ("Oberseminar") with presentations about of current research highlights and/or fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar ("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with the IMPRS fellows presenting their thesis project.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which the IMPRS fellows present an update of their thesis project.

Visitors are welcome! The seminar is open for non-IMPRS students.

        Current IMPRS seminar - summer  term 2018
   Seminarraum 105, Philosophenweg 12
Date:    Thursday, 17:15 - 18:45
Tutors:    Henrik Beuther (HB), Christian Fendt (CF)
   Please prepare for a strictly <20 min presentation plus 5-10 min discussion.
        IMPRS will check for regular attendence
   Seminar schedule:
Speaker Topic
 19/04   Francisco Aros  Globular Clusters: The Search for Intermediate Mass Black Holes  CF
 19/04   Vera Wolthoff
 Evolution of planetary systems on the giant branch  HB
  Edna Ruiz Velasco
 The HAWC and HESS Observatories  CF
  Jindra Gensior
 Heart of Darkness - The impact of galactic dynamics on star formation in galactic spheroids  HB
 03/05   Victor Marian  Are major mergers triggering high-accretion AGNs?  CF
 03/05   Sabrina Gronow
 Thermonuclear explosions of sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfs  HB
 10/05   no seminar
 Holiday  (Ascension day)  
 17/05  Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova  Star Formation in AGN Host Galaxies  CF
 17/05   Stephan Stock
 Dynamics of Multiple Planet Systems in the Carmenes Survey  HB
 26/05   no seminar
 Amsterdam excursion
 31/05   no seminar
 Holiday (Corpus Christi)
 07/06   Paul Heeren
 How to produce, reduce and analyze radial velocity data  CF
 07/06   Diana Kossakowski
 Is there really an Exoplanet in my Data?  HB
 14/06   Giada Peron
 Giant Molecular Clouds as Cosmic Ray Tracer  CF
 14/06   Dimitris Chatzigiannakis  The CO(2-1)/CO(1-0) ratio across the EMPIRE galaxy sample  HB
 21/06   Felix Bosco
 Relaxing the demands on AO systems by the use of Holographic Image Reconstruction  CF
 21/06   Neige Frankel  Secular evolution of the Milky Way disk  HB
 28/06   Branislav Avramov  The dynamical evolution of black holes in galactic nuclei  HB
  Philipp Hottinger  Photonic reformatting for high resolution spectroscopy  CF
 05/07   Martin Schlecker
 Exoplanet population synthesis of M-dwarf systems  HB
 05/07   Eduard Bopp  Characterizing the accretion of young planets  CF
 12/07   Bahar Bidaran  How relevant was pre-processing in galaxy groups?  CF
 12/07   Melanie Kaasinen  Measuring the molecular gas reservoirs of high-redshift galaxies  HB
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