IMPRS seminar

IMPRS seminar winter term 2022/23

This is the webpage for the ongoing IMPRS seminar. For past seminars please check the links to the seminar archive above.

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS fellows for scientific and social exchange. 

In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a literature seminar ("Oberseminar") with presentations about of current research highlights and/or fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar ("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with the IMPRS fellows presenting their thesis project.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which the IMPRS fellows present an update of their thesis project.




    Current IMPRS seminar  -  winter  term 2022/23
 Seminar room R105,   Philosophenweg 12
Date:    Thursday, 17:20 - 18:45        Starting date:  20.10.2022
Tutors:     Christian Fendt (CF), Gregory Green (GG), hans-Walter Rix (HR)
   Please prepare for a strictly <25 min presentation plus 5-10 min discussion.
        IMPRS will check for regular attendence
   Seminar schedule:
Speaker Topic
 20/10   Christian Fendt
  Scheduling of talks / topics  --  Introduction to the IMPRS-HD  
  Ravi Pratap Dubey
  The Astrophysics of Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays; Kotera & Olinto,  2011, ARA&A, 49, 119   CF
 27/10   Vincent Bronner
  Masses, Radii, & the EoS of Neutron Stars; Oezel & Freire, 2016, ARA&A, 54, 401   CF
 03/11   Katrin Lehle
  Revisiting the Unified Model of AGN;  Netzer, 2015,  ARA&A, 53, 365   CF
 03/11   Taavet Kalda
  Tests of General Relativity from Timing the Double Pulsar; Kramer  etal.;  Science 2006   CF
 10/11   Prakruti  Sudarshan
  Alpher, Bethe & Gamow (1948), "The Origin of Chemical Elements.",  Cyburt et al. (2016), "Big bang nucleosynthesis: Present status."   GG
 17/11   Georg Schwefer
  Measurement of the Rate of nu_+d ->p+e- interactions produced by  8B Solar neutrinos at the SNO (Ahmad et al. 2001)   CF
 17/11   Florian Schulze
  Cosmological Tests of Gravity, Ferreira, Pedro G., 2019,   CF
 24/11   Francisca Espinoza
  Discovery Exoplanets:   HR
  Marcelo Cortez   LIGO / Virgo Collab, et al. (2017), "GW170817: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Neutron Star Inspiral."   GG
 01/12   Cormac Larkin
  LIGO / Virgo Collaboration, et al. (2017), "Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger."   GG
 01/12   Alex Dimoff
  Gamma Ray Bursts are ‘cosmological':   HR
 08/12   Jia Wei Teh
  Kennicutt (1989), "The Star Formation Law in Galactic Disks.; Kennicutt (1998), "Star Formation in Galaxies Along the Hubble Sequence."   GG
 08/12   Nicholas Storm
  Discovery of Circumstellar disks:   HR
 15/12   Marco Alban Morales
  A Fundamental Relation between Supermassive Black Holes and Their Host Galaxies (Ferrarese & Merritt 2000)   GG
  -/-   No seminars    X-mas break
 12/01   Clara Escanuela
  Physics with Binary Pulsars:   HR
 12/01   Sophia Stuber
  Discovery of Dark Matter:   HR
 19/01   Beatriz Bordadagua
  A powerful local shear instability in weakly magn disks, Balbus  &  Hawley, 1991   CF
 19/01   Vahid Amiri
  A dynamically young and perturbed Milky Way disk;  Antoja  et al. (2018)   GG
 26/01   Pietro Facchini
  Physics of Neutron stars (Lattimer & Prakash, Science 2004)   CF
 26/01   Julia Lienert
  Binary Black Hole Mergers in the First Advanced LIGO Observing Run;  Abott et al 2016   CF
  Jonas Mueller
  Theory of brown dwarfs and giant planets (Burrows etal. 2001)   CF
 02/02   Leon Huehn   Doppler imaging: MNRAS 235, 269 (1988), ApJ 321, 496 (1987)   CF
 09/02   Cyril Gapp   The Relationship between Infrared, Optical, and Ultraviolet Extinction.(Cardelli et al.  1989)   GG
 09/02   Jeong Yun Choi   Electromagnetic extraction of energy from Kerr black holes  (Blandford & Znajek, 1977)   HR
 09/02   Mariia Demianenko   Black holes in binary systems, Shakura &  Sunyaev (1973);  Accretion discs in astrophysics (Pringle 1981)   CF
 09/02   Zofia Kaczmarek   A Universal Density Profile from Hierarchical Clustering  (Navarro, Frenk & White 1997)   GG
 09/02   Frederik Wohlleben   Local Helioseismology: Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Solar Interior;  Gizon, etal, 2010,ARA&A.48,289   CF
 09/02   Andrea Romanelli   The accelerated expansion of the Universe   GG
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