IMPRS seminar

IMPRS seminar summer term 2023

This is the webpage for the ongoing IMPRS seminar. For past seminars please check the links to the seminar archive above.

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS fellows for scientific and social exchange. 

In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a literature seminar ("Oberseminar") with presentations about of current research highlights and/or fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar ("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with the IMPRS fellows presenting their thesis project.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which the IMPRS fellows present an update of their thesis project.




    Current IMPRS seminar  -  summer  term 2023
 Seminar room R105,   Philosophenweg 12
Date:    Thursday, 17:20 - 18:45        Starting date:  20.04.2023
Tutors:    Henrik Beuther (HB),  Christian Fendt (CF),  Brian Reville (BR)
   Please prepare for a strictly <25 min presentation plus 5-10 min discussion.
        IMPRS will check for regular attendence
   Seminar schedule:
Speaker Topic
 20/04   Zofia Kaczmarek
  A Universal Density Profile from Hierarchical Clustering  (Navarro, Frenk & White 1997)   CF
 20/04   Nicholas Storm   NLTE analysis of neutron-capture elements   HB
  Jeong Yun Choi
  Red-giant stars with messy Fourier spectra   BR
 27/04   Sophia Stuber
  Spiraling down the dense gas in the whirlpool (galaxy)   CF
 04/05   Mariia Demianenko
  Observational constraints of IMBHs in globular clusters using SimCADO   HB
 04/05   Marcelo C. Vergara
  Global instability by runaway collisions in nuclear stellar clusters: Numerical tests of a route for massive black hole formation   BR
 11/05   Beatriz Bordadagua   Mechanisms of angular momentum transport in solar-like oscillators   CF
 11/05   Georg Schwefer   Gamma Ray Astronomy: Improving Reconstruction Methods and Probing the Distribution of Galactic Cosmic Rays   HB
 25/05   Pietro Facchini
  Isolated Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies   BR
 25/05   Jonas Mueller
  Asteroseismic signatures of internal magnetic fields in red giants   CF
 01/06   Francisca Espinoza
  Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators in Kepler data   HB
  Alex Dimoff   S-Process Nucleosynthesis in and from AGB stars   BR
 15/06   Julia Lienert   Photoevaporation in protoplanetary disks   CF
 15/06   Katrin Lehle   A Weather Forecast for Galaxy Clusters in IllustrisTNG   HB
 20-24/06   IMPRS retreat Pescara (4 talks)
  Clara Escanuela   Signal extraction of raw simulated and laboratory data with the FlashCam camera for Medium Sized Telescopes in CTA   BR
  Taavet Kalda   Dynamical modelling of the Milky Way, with a particular emphasis on Deep Learning methods   CF
  Joshua Jost
  tbd   HB
  Jia Wei Teh   Modelling the evolution of clusters in embedded clouds   BR
 29/06   Vahid Amiri  The influence of Mass segregation, Fractality and Binary fraction on the short-term evolution of star clusters   CF
 29/06   Vincent Bronner   Data-driven stellar astrophysics   HB
 06/07  Florian Schulze
  Cosmic ray propagation around sources   BR
 06/07  Cormac Larkin   3D-MHD simulations of massive stellar winds   CF
 13/07  Cyril Gapp   Observational characterization of transiting exoplanets’ atmospheres: A case study of the Ultra Hot Jupiter WASP-121b   HB
 13/07  Frederik Wohlleben   Observing the gamma sky from earth: Instruments and Methods   BR
 20/07  Ravi Pratap Dubey
  Particle acceleration in relativistic MHD jets   HB
 20/07  Marco Alban Morales   Mapping ionized gas outflows in AGN selected from the MaNGA survey   CF
 Leon Huehn   Modelling planet formation in Class 0/I protoplanetary disks   BR
 27/07  Prakruti Sudarshan   Dust dynamics of radiative protoplanetary disks   CF
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