Starting year 2018

14th IMPRS generation  -  starting year 2018

The year book lists all students who started as a generation.

Last name First name Supervisor / institute Thesis link
Andika Irham Jahnke / MPIA thesis
Barraza Alfaro
Marcelo Flock / MPIA thesis
Bergez-Casalou Camille Bitsch / MPIA thesis
Bluhm Paz Quirrenbach / LSW thesis
Boecker Alina Neumayer / MPIA thesis
Breuhaus Mischa Hinton / MPIK thesis
Brown Sevilla Samantha Brandner, Feldt / MPIA thesis
Conte Francesco Hinton / MPIK thesis
Engler Christoph Lisker / Grebel / ARI thesis
Flores Rivera Lizxandra Flock / MPIA thesis
Gieser Caroline Beuther / MPIA thesis
Isbell Jacob Meisenheimer / MPIA thesis
Jackson Thomas Pasquali / ARI thesis
Kemmer Jonas Quirrenbach / LSW thesis
Ksoll Victor Klessen / ITA thesis
Mattis Klessen / ITA thesis
Giancarlo Fendt / MPIA thesis
Medina Toledo Gustavo Grebel / ARI thesis
Pessa Gutierrez
Ismael Schinnerer / MPIA thesis
Rodenkirch Peter Dullemond / ITA thesis
Savvidou Sofia Bitsch / MPIA thesis
Smirnov-Pinchukov Grigorii Henning / MPIA thesis
Soultanis Theodoros Roepke / HITS thesis (rest access)
Stock (nee Reichert) Katja Spurzem / ARI thesis
Voelkel Oliver Klahr / MPIA thesis
Xylakis-Dornbusch Theodora Christlieb / LSW
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