Starting year 2008

 4th IMPRS generation  -  starting year 2008

The year book shows all students who started as a generation.

Last name First name Supervisor / institute Thesis link
Angrick Christian Bartelmann / ITA thesis
Bergfors Carolina Brandner / MPIA thesis
Bochow Anne Hofmann / MPIK thesis
Cisternas Mauricio Jahnke / MPIA thesis
De Rosa Gisella Walter / MPIA thesis
Fang Min Henning / MPIA thesis
Follert Roman Herbst / MPIA thesis
Gennaro Mario Henning / MPIA thesis
Hansson Alexander Lisker / ARI thesis
Karim Alexander Schinnerer / MPIA thesis
Merten Julian Bartelmann / ITA thesis
Meyer Hagen Lisker / ARI thesis
Micic (nee Milosavljevic)
Milica Klessen / ITA thesis
Nugroho Dading Jahnke / MPIA thesis
Pang Xiaoying Grebel / ARI thesis
Paudel Sanjaya Lisker / ARI thesis
Porth Oliver Fendt / MPIA thesis
Schleicher Dominik Klessen / ITA thesis
Borello Schmidt Kasper Rix / MPIA thesis
Uribe Uribe Ana Klahr / MPIA thesis
Vaidya Bhargav Fendt / MPIA thesis
Valente Ana Bartelmann / ITA thesis
Voelkl Bernd Banerjee / ITA //
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