Starting year 2012

8th IMPRS generation  -  starting year 2012

The year book shows all students who started as a generation.

Last name First name Supervisor / institute Thesis link
Bauer Andreas Springel / HITS thesis
Bialas Daniel Lisker / ARI imprs
Bianchini Paolo Van de Ven / MPIA thesis
Bihr Simon Beuther / MPIA thesis
Chicharro Fuertes Raquel Bigiel / ITA Raquel
Ciceri Simona Henning / MPIA thesis
Edwards Tanya Hofmann / MPIK thesis
Hansen Terese Christlieb / LSW thesis
Hendricks Benjamin Koch / LSW thesis
Jankowski Felix Wagner / LSW
Köpferl Christine Robitaille / MPIA thesis
Khrykin Ilya Hennawi / MPIA thesis
Kopytova Taisiya Brandner / MPIA thesis
Kügler Dennis Heidt / LSW thesis
Liu Ruo-Yu Aharonian / MPIK thesis
Lobo Gomes Aiara Klahr / MPIA thesis
Marleau Gabriel Klahr / MPIA thesis
Meyer Sven Bartelmann / ITA thesis
Ortiz Mauricio Reffert / LSW thesis
Poon Helen Hofmann / MPIK thesis
Querejeta Miguel Schinnerer / MPIA thesis
Schober Jennifer Klessen / MPIA thesis
Thygesen Anders Christlieb / LSW thesis
Tsatsi Athanasia Van de Ven / MPIA thesis
Walther Michael Hennawi / MPIA thesis
Wöllert (nee Lenius) Maria Brandner (MPIA) thesis
Wu Shiwei Bik / MPIA thesis
Zieser Britta Bartelmann / ITA thesis
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