Starting year 2013

9th IMPRS Generation  -  starting year 2013

The year book lists all students who started as a generation.

Last name First name Supervisor / institute Thesis link
Abreu Vicente Jorge Henning / MPIA thesis
Bertram Erik Klessen / ITA thesis
Brady Emer Schinnerer / MPIA thesis
Chira Roxana Henning / MPIA thesis
Garcia Vergara
Cristina Hennawi / MPIA thesis
Giacche Simone Kirk / MPIK thesis
Hernitschek Nina Rix / MPIA thesis
Herpich Jakob Rix / MPIA thesis
Mitchell Alison Hofmann / MPIK thesis
Molliere Paul Henning / MPIA thesis
Morales Correa Gustavo Grebel / ARI thesis
Moetazedian Reza Just / ARI thesis
Qian Qian Fendt / MPIA thesis
Radhakrishnan S. Kalyan K. Herbst / MPIA thesis
Schaal Kevin Springel / HITS thesis
Schmidt Tobias Hennawi / MPIA thesis
Sorini Daniele Hennawi / MPIA thesis
Stammler Sebastian Dullemond / ITA thesis
Teague Richard Semenov / MPIA thesis
Trick Wilma Rix / MPIA thesis
Tsupko Alexander Aharonian / MPIK //
Zeidler Peter Grebel / ARI thesis
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