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Mariia Demianenko   (Russia)

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Observational constraints of IMBHs

PSF of AO-assisted systems with single (SCAO) or multiple tip-tilt stars (MCAO) can change the size and shape across the FoV, as well as through time and wavelength. Future MICADO@ELT near-IR imager needs to provide the best astrometric quality and expand the horizons of such scientific cases as the estimation of the proper motion of stars in crowded fields of globular clusters, but there are some limitations due to many factors, including AO. Optical light curves of candidates to AGN, powered by IMBHs and low massive SMBH, can confirm active nuclei as well as be in correlation with other features of such objects (e.g. X-ray luminosity, FWHM_Halpha, etc.), but cadence and peculiarities of time-domain surveys don't design for these tests initially. Therefore, light curves often include systematic errors of AGN host galaxy, cosmic rays, differents between zero points of CCD parts, and other constraints. The main directions of this work are observational limitations for searching and confirming IMBHs in globular clusters and AGNs.

Supervisor:    Joerg-Uwe Pott   (MPIA)

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