Vahid Amiri

Vahid Amiri  (Iran)

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The effect of primordial binary population on the evolution of star clusters

Observational evidence suggests that there is a significant population of stellar binaries in these systems, the evolution of which has a crucial effect on the evolution of
the entire cluster and the formation of today’s cluster characteristics.  Due to the very different time scales in the evolution of the cluster, it is necessary to use an updated
and optimized version of the NBODY code for these studies. Thanks to the new achievements in scientific programming and GPUs, NBODY++GPU has been developed as a new version of
well-known NBODY code which allows us to simulate the evolution of clusters in presence of a considerable number of binary systems which can lead to useful results and more
helpful details. The main aim of my study is to shed more light on the effect of primordial binary populations on the long-term evolution of star clusters. A general parameter
study is proposed to investigate the effect of the high degree of primordial binaries on the long-time evolution of star clusters.

Supervisor:    Rainer Spurzem   (ARI)

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