Jan Eberhardt

Jan Eberhardt   (Germany)

eberhardt @ mpia.de

Search and Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems

No method for detecting exoplanets exists that is able to solely characterize an exoplanetary system in every aspect. For example the Transit method is unable to determine planet’s masses, while the Radial Velocity method can only determine the masses of planets with respect to the systems inclination. A combination of these methods allows to determine the planetary mass directly.

During my PhD work, I analyze and characterize exoplanetary systems using the Transit, Radial Velocity and Astrometry methods. To help combining the Astrometry and Radial velocity methods, I‘m using Gaia and Hipparcos data to develop analysis pipelines in preparation for the full Gaia data catalog.

Supervisor:    Thomas Henning   (MPIA)

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