Stellar Astrophysics

Stellar Astrophysics - potential PhD supervisors of IMPRS Heidelberg

Colleagues with *) will depart/retire soon.

PD Coryn Bailer-Jones (MPIA)
( calj @ )
Galactic structure, open clusters, brown dwarfs, Gaia satellite, machine learning, Bayesian inference, mass extinctions
Dr. Maria Bergemann (MPIA)
( bergemann @ )
Cosmo-chemistry, Stellar atmospheres, radiative transport, spectroscopic surveys, metal-poor stars, fundamental parameters of stars
Prof. Henrik Beuther (MPIA)
( beuther @ )
Massive star formation, IMF, astrochemistry, (sub) mm interferometry
Dr. Wolfgang Brandner (MPIA)
( brandner @ )
Circumstellar disks, brown dwarfs & exoplanets, starburst clusters, adaptive optics
Prof. Norbert Christlieb (LSW)
( n.christlieb @ )
Galactic Archaeology
Prof. Saskia Hekker (HITS)
( saskia.hekker @ )
Asteroseismology, stellar interiors, solar-like oscillators
Prof. Stefan Jordan (ARI)
( jordan @ )
Astrometry, GAIA, white dwarfs
Prof. Andreas Just (ARI)
( just @ )
Stellar dynamics of star clusters, galaxies and supermassive black holes
Prof. Hubert Klahr (MPIA)
( klahr @ )
Star & planet formation, computational fluid dynamics, accretion disks, supercomputing
Prof. Ralf Klessen (ITA)
( klessen @ )
Star formation theory, interstellar turbulence, galactic structure, computational astrophysics
Dr. Andreas Koch  (ARI)
( andreas.koch @ )
Galactic Chemical Evolution, Globular Clusters, Origin of the Elements, Dwarf galaxies
Dr. Ralf Launhardt (MPIA)
( rl @ )
Low-mass star formation (observations), binary protostars, exoplanet searches, interferometry
PD Genevieve Parmentier (ARI)
( gparm @ )
Formation and evolution of star clusters
Prof. Friedrich Roepke (HITS)
( friedrich.roepke @ )     
Theoretical stellar astrophysics, numerical simulations of physical processes in stars, stellar evolution, supernova explosions, compact astrophysical objects, nucleosynthesis in stars and stellar explosions
Dr. Andreas Sander (ARI)
andreas.sander @
Hot stars, massive stars, stellar atmospheres, theory and observation of stellar winds and mass loss, radiative transfer, quantitative spectroscopy, stellar feedback
Dr. Fabian Schneider  (HITS)
( fabian.schneider @ )
Theoretical stellar astrophysics, single and binary star evolution, stellar mergers, magnetic massive stars, supernova explosions, stellar remnants, stellar populations, massive star formation, IMF, Bayesian statistics
Prof. Rainer Spurzem (ARI)
( spurzem @ )
Stellar and galactic dynamics, special purpose computing
Dr. Roy van Boekel (MPIA)
( boekel @ )
Star formation, disk observations & modeling, IR, dust
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