Verena Fuernkranz

Verena Fuernkranz  (Austria)

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The Small-Scale Structure of the Milky Way’s Orbit Distribution

Young stars are clustered across a wide range of scales, from compact bound objects to ‘streams‘ that extend over several hundred parsecs. Using data provided by Gaia, we study the orbit space clustering of stars in the extended solar neighbourhood. 
Some of these orbit clumps are birth remnants of clusters, associations and stellar streams, others reflect stars herded into particular orbits as a consequence of dynamical resonances.
The aim of this project is to address and answer the following questions: What is the origin of the substructure in the orbit distribution? On what orbits are stars born? How clumpy is the distribution of birth places of stars? At what rate do young clusters disperse and what does this tell us about the transition to the Galactic field population?

Supervisor:    Hans-Walter Rix   (MPIA)

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