The 17th IMPRS Summer School


This webpage provides information for the 17th Heidelberg Summer School on the topic of

    Astronomy, astrochemistry and the origin of life

The 17th Heidelberg Summer School took place August 22-26 in the "Mathematikon", more specifically in the Institute for Computer Science.


IMPRS for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics at the University of Heidelberg (IMPRS-HD):

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA); Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK); Center for Astronomy of Heidelberg University, ZAH (Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, ARI; Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, ITA;  Landessternwarte Koenigstuhl, LSW); and Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS).

Scientific organizing committee:   

Alexey Potapov (Jena Univ. / MPIA), Dmitry Semenov (MPIA)

School lecturers:

  Paola Caselli   (MPI fror Extraterrestrial Physics)

  Rob Garrod   (Univ. of Virginia)

  Thomas Henning    (MPI for Astronomy)

  Martin McCoustra  (Heriot-Watt Univ.)

  Alessandro Morbidelli  (Cote d'Azur Observatory)

Further information / registration

Here is a link to the program.

Here is a link to the list of the participants.

Here is a link to the lecture slides and further material (PW-protected).

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