Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology - potential PhD supervisors of IMPRS Heidelberg

Colleagues with *) will depart/retire soon.

PD Coryn Bailer-Jones (MPIA)
( calj @ )
Galactic structure, open clusters, brown dwarfs, Gaia satellite, machine learning, Bayesian inference, mass extinctions
 Dr. Eduardo Banados (MPIA)
( banados @ )
The most distant quasars, understanding the formation and characterization of the earliest structures in the universe, mining of large datasets
Dr. Tobias Buck (ITA/IWR)
( )
Galaxy formation and evolution with machine learning, galactic chemical evolution and chemical abundances, Milky Way satellite system, numerical simulations, stellar feedback, Model based AI
Dr. Mélanie Chevance (ITA)
( )
ISM physics, star formation and feedback, galaxy formation and evolution.
 Dr. Frederick Davies   (MPIA)
( davies @ )
Epoch of reionization, intergalactic medium, first quasars, numerical and cosmological simulations.
Dr. Walter Dehnen (ARI)
( )
Stellar and galactic dynamics, black holes
Prof. Eva Grebel (ARI)
( grebel @ )
Galaxy evolution, near-field cosmology, dwarf galaxies, stellar populations
Dr. Gregory Green   (MPIA)
( green @ )
Milky Way structure and dynamics, interstellar dust, Bayesian inference and machine learning
Prof. Jochen Heidt (LSW)
( jheidt @ )
Host galaxies, cluster environment, variability of BL Lac objects & QSOs
Dr. Knud Jahnke (MPIA)
( jahnke @ )
Evolution of galaxies and AGN
Prof. Andreas Just (ARI)
( just @ )
Milky Way, galaxy evolution, stellar dynamics
Dr. Andreas Koch (ARI)
( andreas.koch @ )
Galactic Chemical Evolution, Globular Clusters, Origin of the Elements, dwarf galaxies
Dr. Kathryn Kreckel  (ARI)
( kathryn.kreckel @ )
ISM physics, galaxy formation and evolution
Dr. Dylan Nelson (ITA)
( dnelson @ )
Cosmological simulations, galaxy formation and evolution, circumgalactic medium and the baryon cycle, numerical methods
Dr. Nadine Neumayer  (MPIA)
( neumayer @ )
Co-evolution of black holes & galaxies, nuclear star clusters, build-up of galaxy centres, Galactic dynamics, 3D spectroscopy
Dr. Anna Pasquali  (ARI)
( pasquali @ )
Galaxy star formation history
Dr. Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA)
( pillepich @ )
Cosmological simulations for galaxy formation and evolution, large scale structure, cosmology, cosmology with galaxy clusters
Prof. Hans-Walter Rix (MPIA)
( rix @ )
Dynamics & evolution of galaxies, gravitational lensing, data modeling
Prof. Björn-Malte Schäfer (ARI)
( bjoern.malte.schaefer @ )
Structure formation, dark energy, Sachs-Wolfe effect, weak lensing
Dr. Eva Schinnerer (MPIA)
( schinner @ )
Galaxy formation, fueling of galactic centers, COSMOS survey
Prof. Rainer Spurzem (ARI)
( spurzem @ )
Stellar and galactic dynamics, special purpose computing
Dr. Richard Tuffs (MPIK) *
( Richard.Tuffs @ )
Infrared Astrophysics, interstellar & intracluster dust, galaxy evolution
Prof. Stefan Wagner (LSW)
( s.wagner @ )
Extragalactic astrophysics, high energy astrophysics
PD Fabian Walter (MPIA)
( walter @ )
Highest redshift galaxies, star formation in nearby galaxies
Prof. Joachim Wambsganss (ARI)
( jkw @ )
Gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters, cosmology
Dr. Dominika Wylezalek (ARI)
( dominika.wylezalek @ )
AGN feeding, feedback and outflows. The role of AGN in galaxy evolution. Spatially resolved kinematics. Star formation rate quenching and evolution. The build-up of stellar mass in the universe. Galaxy clusters. The role of AGN in galaxy clusters.
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