Javier Moran Fraile

Javier Moran Fraile  (Spain)

javier.moranfraile @ h-its.org

MHD simulations of WD-NS mergers

This project aims at characterizing the outcome of mergers between neutron stars and white dwarfs, as well as between two white dwarfs. These events have not been studied in much detail because of the challenging disparity of relevant scales involved in the problem. With our tools we are in the position to carry out simulations. For the white dwarf - neutron star mergers, our goal is to determine how much material is lost, whether an accretion disk forms around the neutron star, and whether conditions arise that lead to nuclear burning. And for the double white dwarf mergers, we are interested in the potential amplification of magnetic fields in the merger process and in the associated gravitational wave signal.

Supervisor:    Fritz Roepke   (HITS)

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