Diego Sotillo Ramos

Diego Sotillo Ramos   (Spain)

sotillo @ mpia.de

Chemodynamics, star formation, feedback and baryonic cycle in simulated Milky Way-like galaxie

In this project we will work on numerical models of Milky Way-like galaxies in the full cosmological context, via the analysis, development, and execution of magneto-hydrodynamical cosmological galaxy simulations at supercomputers.

Starting with the galaxy formation models developed within the Illustris-TNG project, selected outcomes of simulated Milky Way-like galaxies will be compared to currently available observational results obtained on our Galaxy with surveys like Gaia, APOGEE, GALAH, etc. An additional goal will be to extract interpretation pathways to observational findings and to identify possible limitations of the current models. As a final step, new numerical routines for the star formation, chemical enrichment, or feedback in cosmological galaxy simulations will be developed and implemented.

Supervisor:    Annalisa Pillepich  (MPIA)

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