Zhi-Qiu Huang

Zhi-Qiu Huang   (China)

zhiqiu.huang @ mpi-hd.mpg.de

Non-thermal radiation from gamma-ray bursts

Gamma-ray bursts are one of the most catastrophic phenomena in the Universe. These events can release huge amounts of energy within less than several seconds. During their burst, they can outshine every other gamma-ray source in the sky, including the Sun. The origin of the non-thermal radiation from GRBs has long been studied. The afterglow emission from radio to X-ray is thought to be produced by relativistic electrons accelerated by shocks through synchrotron radiation, while the origin of high-energy emission (>GeV) is still uncertain. Through studying these high-energy emissions, we can learn more about the acceleration processes of GRBs.

Supervisor:    Brian Reville   (MPIK)

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