Yu Fung Wong

Yu Fung Wong   (Hong Kong)

yu-fung.wong @ mpi-hd.mpg.de

Decoding the gamma-ray emission from the extragalactic sky

By analysing the arrival directions of photons detected by the Fermi satellite (in the photon energy range between 100 MeV and 1 TeV) in conjunction with (i) state-of-the-art wide field spectroscopic galaxy redshift surveys (SDSS, GAMA), (ii) panchromatic spectral coverage of SDSS and GAMA galaxies from radio to X-rays, and (iii) the VST-KiDS wide field weak gravitational lensing survey, I will place new constraints on the (presently unknown) origin of the extragalactic background emission detected by the Fermi satellite. In particular, I will statistically measure the gamma-ray emissivity of different galaxy populations (star-forming disk galaxies, spheroidal galaxies, aligned and non-aligned active galactic nuclei) in the local (z<0.4) universe, and also place new constraints on any truly diffuse gamma-ray emission from the gaseous and dark matter components of the cosmic web.

Supervisor:    Richard Tuffs   (MPIK)

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